The easiest and quickest way to reach airports and avoid extra transportation or taxi charges is by driving your own car or vehicle. But the main concern that arises here is the safety extent at airport car parks. You would want your prized possession should not to be scratched or remain protected from any climatic changes, weather, and external elements. Hence, it is ideal to choose the best services of parking lots and facilities at airport parking in Sydney. There are several cheap and premium parking facilities available at the airport. You can park your car safely without any damage to your car.

Park your car for an extended period and travel nationally or internationally. There are multiple options available for you at airport parking lots. You should identify the safety extent of car parking services and prefer the best services for your car parking.

Here are some of the parking options available and their safety level or facility providence at the airport. Read this article to know the best airport car parking facility.

  • On-site airport car parks

These onsite airport terminals are adjacent to the terminals. Onsite parking lots are owned and handled by the airport authorities which tend to charge a premium amount for their facilities. These car parks can be easily accessed by the general public and there is no surety of your car safety at busy hours.

There is limited safety available like monitoring through CCTV cameras and minimum cleanliness efforts. Airports should have hospital-grade cleanliness in their car parking lot and maintain proper cleanliness of cars.

  • Off-site airport car parks

The off-site car parks are guarded by manned security guards and a camera surveillance facility is also available. It allows less crowd and only paying customers to enter the area. Limited car storage facilities available with proper cleanliness and the spread of harmful diseases are also limited within such parking lots.

You may find cheap airport parking in Sydney but the safety of your car will be on the fence. It is important to consider the parking cost and safety of your car. 

  • Valet parking

Valet parking services are expensive because of all the facilities available for the customers. It is gated, manned, and kept under CCTV surveillance. General public vehicles are not allowed in this parking area and trained staff drive and park your vehicle safely at an appropriate place. It is essential to research the valet parking services before choosing and handing over your car keys to the valet. These services are safe if you have selected the best parking after researching their facilities. Check with the previous and current customers to know the reputation or valid services. You can also discover multiple things from online reviews, feedback, client testimonials, and ratings.

You should be cautious about the services and also check the opening hours of such parking facilities.

  • Is long-term parking safe?

Everybody has concerns related to long-term airport parking and worries about security. Many times, thieves may break the lock of the vehicle and steal the belongings. All these accidents might happen in cheap parking services at the airport. You can prefer valet or shuttle services to avoid all these accidents that happen with your car. Premium charges are charged from the customers but the vehicle remains safe and secure with a properly manned, guarded, and CCTV facility.

You should make proper arrangements for your car safely while planning for long-term parking that is more than a week or month. 

  • How to keep your car or vehicle safe at the airport?

You have to take some extra measures for your car safety at Mascot airport parking. Do not leave anything expensive in the car. Choose a well-lit area in the parking lot to keep the vehicle noticed at all times. It deters thieves away from your vehicle in the parking area.

Invest in anti-theft gear and steering wheel lock for more safety at airport parking. Remember to take your car parking ticket with you to avoid post submission issues. Lock the doors and close all windows of the car before leaving for a long trip.